May 18th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

the first day

My first day on the job really went better than I thought. I was able to get a hold of Oak Ridge Transit and schedule a ride today, since I couldn't get in touch with them yesterday. Gloria, who had been sick yesterday, was nice enough to find me a spot in the schedule today. They were on time, and got me home for $1.50 which is cheaper than it would cost me to take a taxi, so I'm not complaining. If I had gotten in touch with them yesterday, I would have been a lot more positive about the day yesterday, but that's all done with now so ... They now have me on a schedule for the whole week to and from work, so that is good, especially if they come on time.

I really didn't do much on my first day on the job, but I expected that. There were lots of meetings my supervisor had to do, so I planned to get my computer and relative equipment set up. I had to get a newer version of JAWS going on the work laptop, mostly because JAWS 7.0 really doesn't like IE7, and since I needed to use a web browser to get email, it was important that I figure that out. My ribs were hurting a bit this morning, so I had to take a pain pill, so a bit of my day I spent just sitting there waiting until the meds took effect. I'm feeling better tonight, so hopefully I won't sleep on my rib wrog and make it painful.

I've got an assignment to do on Monday which I really hope I can get done in a day. It's going to be complicated because I would ultimately like to get there at 8 and leave at 5 like everyone else, but Oak Ridge Transit can't get me there until about 9:00, and will come at 4 to pick me up since they close at 4:30. If I have to, I can come in on Saturday and do stuff, and I may do that to make up time, especially if I'm going to go to Fayetteville next month. I will get all work done that I'm given, regardless of how much time it takes me, because since I am here, I want to make this internship a learning experience for all. I'm kind of excited about this first task because it will help people in the company I'm working for, and more importantly, I think I know how to do it all which is cool.

I came back here tonight and made myself dinner. This is a new experience for me for sure as most of the time, I've just been able to go down to the dining hall and get food. At least I can make something I will like which is cool. I don't know what I'll make for dinner or lunch omorrow, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out what. My Dad went to the store and got some more stuff, so that was really cool. Despite our differences of opinion on what and how to unpack, I really appareciated having him here to help me out and when he left today, it was kind of sad.

I really think I can do this thing now. It doesn't mean I'll miss my friends in Fayetteville, but that's what a telephone is for. It's still pretty lonely in this big apartment by myself. I haven't fogotten to talk about this apartment, and I'll do that tomorrow complete with pictures, I'm just tired tonight, so will leave this entry without extensive descriptions of the apartment, nt that you guys really care or I wll really care later on when I read these pages, how the thing looks.

I heard from a friend I have here in town (near here I should say), Christy, so that was cool. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out next week some time. I want to see Knoxville, so we're planning to go and see what's up there. More tomorrow.