May 23rd, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

I really hate unproductive days

I really didn't have a completely unproductive day at the internship, but Hop wasn't there all day, so once I finished, or made progress on what I needed to do, I sent it over to the guy I needed to send it to. He was pretty busy working on other projects, so told me that he'd try to think of something I could do while I waited for him to make the changes on my design and spreadsheet. So I basically sat there doing not much of anything for the afternoon. We did label the microwave in the kitchen, my phone, and several office doors, so that was cool. We used a print Dimo labeller, and the print is pretty small, but it's big enough for me to read and differentiate what things are, so that's all I wanted to do, especially so I don't press the wrong button on the phone and pick up someone's call.

Came back today and did my usual, make dinner, watch Judge Judy and Jeopardy, and now writing in the journal. I've got a schedule with my friend Bernie in Arkansas tonight on the radio, and I always enjoy those. I've finished reading my scriptures, so after I call some people, I think I'm going to read more of 1634: The Baltic War. That should be cool. And I swear I'm going to get to bed earlier so I'm not tired during the day. Still planning on seeing Shrek The Third, so that'll be awesome. I just hope that if I take Fiona, she doesn't get confused with Princess Fiona, though I think Fiona the dog is a princess too :). More soon, and I'll also upload pictures and a description of my apartment soon too.