July 7th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

Well, I think I'm ready

've been listening to the Live Earth concerts all day. What an amazing deal to collect all of the 150 or so artists in all of the venues.

I've also been trying to work on the talk I'm giving in church tomorrow. At this point, I think I have all of the material I think I'll need, but I'm hoping that I can use my experiences and stories to my advantage. I think I'll do fine, but it is my first time, so I'm kinda nervous.

Last Saturday, a couple of my friends and I travelled to Nashville to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. What an amazing experience! We had bought really cheap tickets up at Everest level, but since not all of the tickets sold, they kicked all of the Plebes out of the rafters onto the floor. We didn't get as close as some to the choir, but it was still pretty amazing to be that close. I guess I didn't realize that they performed for that concert and others for no pay at all. Wow! We went afterwords to have some ice cream, and about when we were about to leave, several members of the choir came in to get ice cream too. The couple that we actually met was really nice. I know these people are all just normal people, but because they belong to such a presigious choir and seem to have so much tallent as well, it was surprising how "normal" thye actuallywere. I'll never forget the experience I don't think.

And that's about all that's been going on here lately. I've just been going to work all week during the day, and hanging out with some friends during the week. I've been kind of adopted by a family that I go to church with here in town. Their family reunion was this week, and they inited me to a lot of their activities. It was very cool, but kinda weird that I wasn't part of the family and still felt like I was. I think I passed the "which kid belongs to which parents" test I took last night, (I probably got maybe a 70% score :)). I'll write tomorrow once church is over and life can return to normal.
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