July 13th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow


I've got to get some stuff done today, but before I do, I want to talk about my experience at the two placces I went to for breakfast. Yesterday, I went to McDonalds to get a sausage, egg, and cheese muffin or two. After I got done, this lady started talking to me about my dog. That's not abnormal, but what she said next was.

"You married?" she asks?
me: "what?"
Her: "You married?"
Me: "uh, no."
her: "I heard dat, you a single man."
me: "Yeah, I'm single."

Never, ever, have I been hit on in MMcDonalds before, and I hope it never happens again. If I ever go back for breakfast on the way to work, I hope it won't happen again. I can see it now, where did you meet her? "Oh,in McDonalds over a tasty breakfast of sausage egg and cheese muffins and hash browns." I thought I'd experienced everything.

We pick up Laura sometimes to take her to work. She works at this bagle place here in town on the way to work. I like it when e pick her up because I get to stop if I need to and get breakfast. I got a brekfast bagle the other day and it was good, but today I decided to get lunch. I got a club sandwich on French bread. Thinking that I like pasta salad, I got that too. When I got it back here, I opened up the bag, and there was my sandwich. It was HUGE, like deadly weapon size. I'm wondering how I am going to eat it, but if I don't, at least I'llhave breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a few weeks.

I have billable work today, and fixing a simulation, so hopefully I'll get it all done or at least progress. So progress I must. More later, I have plans later, so might not be able to write. More soon.
Fiona and me in the snow

a really good day

After writing in my journal this morning, I started working on that work I needed to get thinking about. At first, I thought it was a lost cause and that I probably shouldn't be working on this job because I didn't know much about what was going on. As I got going with it and did some research, I figured it out, and got part of what they are needing for this project. To be able to move from complete confusion to the AHA moment was a really cool thing. The coolest thing was that I used what I'd learned in this difficult computer graduate level class. Never thought I'd use it, but today validated to me that my education hasn't been all for naught.

I'm not practicing with my friend Serena tonight, but we're going to go practice at least and maybe eat. On Wednesday when I went over to the house before Institute, I was playing hymns on the piano, and Serena started to sing along. She's got a very pretty voice, so we sounded really neat together, and had fun figuring songs out, so we were like, man it would be neat if we could perform together before both of us leave, her to BYU and me to Arkansas. It happened that they called her that day and as we were heading to Knoxville, she got the message asking her if she was going to sing that Sunday. So we're going to perform one of my favorite hymns together. We're doing all five verses, and changing key about four times, so it's going to be really really neat.

Well, that's about all from here, just wanted to write about my good day. Oh yeah, before I left, Hop (my supervisor) and Roger (the marketing guy) came into my office and wondered if I could show this prospective client that had flown in today how I do things. I was able to show him my simulation stuff, but also got to tell him about the things I'd figured out today. It made me feel good that I was part of the "let's show client how we can do cool stuff" kind of thing, and he was impressed, so hopefully I've helped the company out in that way. Very cool.

That's all for now. Tomorrow's Wal Mart day. I hope I don't forget anything for real, but knowning me, I probably will. More soon.
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