July 14th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

thinking positive

I practiced with Serena tonight for the performance at church tomorrow. If I can just remember all of the chord changes and the ways I need to play the various sections, then it should be go ok. I'm kinda nervous, becaues it's the first time I will be accompanying something. Thinking positive, it will go great.

Went to Wal Mart today, and nothing hugely abnormal happened. Usually, someone helps me when I come in, but for some odd reason, she didn't come by. I wasn't too worried, but I stayed there for like a half hour, and then Serenas Mom came by, you see so many people in Wal Mart on Saturdays. So the friend of the family that's been there for a while took me around to find stuff. I was forever grateful, because I probably soul have been there now f Sharon hadn't saved me.

I took a nap the rest of the afternoon, and for some odd reason, I'm still tired tonight. I'm getting up early to warm up and practice before church. So that's all from here until tomorrow. It'll all go great, I hope :).
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