July 21st, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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I really like the fact that I can come home from my job and have my weekends free to do what I like to do. This weekend will consume me with reading the final Harry Potter book. I'm slowly progressing. I've read for about two hours and have jus finished chapter four of like forty. This book will take me a while but I don't have the audiobook yet, I'm thinking of ordering it at some point soon, so I'm determined to read it in braille this time, even though probably all of my friends will be over with it before I am. I can read about as quick as the readers (eitehr Jim Dale or Stephen Fry) read, but if I'm listening, I'm not as likely to get as tired as I do when I read braille. My fingertips sometimes tingle, and my arms definitely get tired. It's all about position when you read braille. If I'm sitting in a couch that constricts my arms, I get pain n my shoulder, but if I'm laying down somewhere, I'm ok. So I'm planning on laying around reading tonight. Reading is one of my favorite activities, so this should be some major fun.

There's a guy who lives in the apartment complex with me who goes to my church. He's young (25 so it's cool to hang out. He also just got married and I hadn't met his new wife Carly yet. So today, we decided we would grill up some steaks and shish kababs by the pool, and have some fun. This afternoon has been absolutely beautiful here with highs near 80 and little humidity, so, all being from Arizona (Dave goes to school at ASU, and Carly is actually from Arizona) we really enjoyed ourselves, and the food was pretty tasty. The pool was a bit on the chilly side, but wasn't *that* bad. Hopefully we'll hang out again soon.

This week at work has been pretty good. I got the project that I'd gotten at the end of last week done during this week. It was very tedious, but I'm hoping that searching through the many physical property databases and entering them into the simulator will help out their non-working simulation. I also got my simulation actually running. I've been trying to get it to converge for a week or so of actually working on it, so was amazed that I had to change one thing in my column and it fixed things. Computers can be that way I guess.

The performance that we did on Sunday at church went very well too. We both messed up a bit here and there, but I don't think people really noticed, so that was good. All we wanted to do was to bring the spirit to everyone, adn I think we were successful. Some people said that if they could have given us a standing ovation, they would have (we are pretty reverent in church, and we don't applaud in church).

And that's about all for now. I think I'm going to go back to my book. I might be back in a week or two :), but I"m sure I'll write sooner. One final bit of news, I think I'll be staying at least until the end of September, provided they can find work for me to do. There's a project that might be coming up soon, so that might be a good thing for sure.

More soon.