October 13th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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It's 44 degrees outside and foggy. I'm definitely grateful for my pajamas, sweatshirt, and hot pepermint tea this morning. mmmmm.

So last night, I came back here, and sat down on my bed. Tippy was there for some reason, as Emily was gone. When Emily is gone and isn't petting the cats, they come to me. I like cats so this is ok. So she came and sat on my lap, and then this other really small cat came up and sat on my lap with Tippy. Talk about economy use of my lap. Luckily, there was no fighting. The night before, I knew that this other cat had joineed me at some point, but thought it was Jack Jack. Come to find out, while I was gone, another cat appeared at the door, adn that cat is Misha (I'm probably spelling that wrong, but anyway). SO we have four cats now. Don't get me wrong, I love cats, but when they are all chasing themselves around (three of them are very young), it does get a bit perilous haha. Misha is kind of annoying sometimes because she likes to go over to Fiona's bed when she's leeping there and hiss at her. Being the nice dog that she is, Fiona wakes up and gets up and leaves the room. Meany I say!!

Not much else sent on last night. Jessica is the Oak Ridge transportation to the activity this afternoon. We're bringing six people including myself, so if that's anything to denote how many people will be there, there should be lots, especially since it's going to involve five stakes from aound the area. Should be extra fun.

More when I have it.
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