October 23rd, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

A new cat?, this weekend, and the job hunt

It's really gross outside, not rainy gross, but annoyingly humid gross. If it cwould continue raining, which it well could do, it might cool the air down a bit, but for now, the clouds hang oppressively in the sky, trapping the heat that comes from the sun below.

I inherited a cat yesterday, almost that is. The day before yesterday, my feline girlfriend Tippy came and sat on me before we had the evening prayers. Tippy is funny, because right after I came back, she had CHOSEN me, as some cats apparently do. She follows me around everywhere. When I get home, she's awaiting my room at my room's door. She even left me a leaf on my pillow (she like to eat plants, which hopefully she will stop eventually). I'd talked jokingly about wanting to keep Tippy, but she's Emily's cat, and I didn't want to take her cat. But apparently, when we were at Institute, Emily's sister and her Mom talked to her and it didn't take too much convincing to have her tell me I could have her. I tried to tell her that I didn't want to taker her cat away, and she said that she knew I would take care of her. So I'll probably take her once I have a place of my own here in Tennessee, and until then all will be the same. It't kind of weird though, because I've never really liked a cat enough to want to keep it. I like the cat we have back in Arkansas, but she's not as cuddly as Tippy is to me. I like cats, but sometimes, they are way to independent for me. The new cat, Mitza, seems to follow Tippy around, and both of them slept with me last night, Tippy close to me, and Mitza laying on top of her, trying to be close to me. Very cute.

I got another billable job yesterday, but I'm kind of stuck here because I'm waiting the working simulation and some data on how to model the particular reactor, so I'm writing this. I left a bitearly yesterday, and provided someone can come and pick me up, I hope to go home early and take a nap.

Holly came over this weekend and we had a great time together. I'll see her next Saturday and can't wait. It was decreed that I not watch the Arkansas game on Saturday, but she did let me check the score occasionally. I hope this will be the case this week, though I don't think homecoming game will be that exciting. All I knoww, is that last weekend was really awesome, and Aarkansas winning and Tennessee losing made it all that more special :P.

Not much else is going on. I'm just looking forward to starting on this project. The other engineer who I'll be working with is really cool, and knows a llot, so I'm sure I'll learn a lot from him and what we do. I need to work the Eastman job lead a bit today as I haven't heard anything from anything as to how I turn in a freaking resume. I am only interested in convincing them to give me a fair shake at any available jobs. I'm only interested in convincing them and others that I can be a productive engineer. Time will tell, but Eastman Chemical definitely tops my list at the moment. I'm actually really looking forward to the working in the real world thing. It'll be fun.