October 24th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

staying home, cats, and remakes

It's raining again outside, and the air is cool, cool enough in fact that I'm drinking some hot pepermint tea to warm me up. I stayed home today because when I came in here to check my email at work, I had no email from the guy whose supposed to send me stuff about this project I'm supposed to work on. So I check the email periodically, and do what I'd do at work, but in my pajamas. Don't get me wrong, when these project details come in, I won't have time to blink much less write in my journal.

I have two cats on my bed sleeping obliviously. The really old cat, Kitty, came in here and actually sat on my lap. This was pretty amazing, because usually she's like a grounch times ten billion and doesn't want to be touched much less held on my lap. She doesn't particularly like me either. I kicked Tippy out last night because she was on the windowsill attacking the cords for the blinds at 1 A.M. I guess the cats are catching up on the lost sleep which I'll probably pay for tonight at 1 A.M. A bit after I kicked her out, I heard her trying to scratch her way in here, but alas, I did not relent.

I'm not planning anything that exciting today though I may set my scanner up in the dining room so I can get some books scanned. I could do it here, but there wouldn't be much room to work, so I'll move out there. Thank goodness for wireless.

Not much else is going on, man my life is mundane. I wonder why people still read my journal. I also wonder why there's so many European remakes of popular songs. I kind of like them, but hearing Hey Ya played in the slow R&B style does make one amazed. Gotta love UPOP 29 on XM.