October 26th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

achy arm and waiting

I woke up last night with one cat and another meowing outside of the open door. I wonder about the intelligence of Mitza. I got up and had to show myself to the door and just ran in and jumped on the bed. Come on cat, get some intelligence. It's ok, she seems to like laying on my bed and she's really small and somewhat cuddly and nice, so I'll give her a break this time. Tippy was there as usual. The cat is kind of in between being a kitten and a cat and she's large now. I shudder to think how she'll be in a couple of years.

My arm is really been aching lately, and I think I've isolated it. I turned it each way and made sure that I could clench my fists, and nothing was moving unnaturally so I know I haven't broken it (I haven't done anything that would break things but with me you never know). So for some reason, the pain comes when I put pressure or try to clinch my middle finger or thumb. If I touch any of my other fingers to my thub t's ok, but the tendon that operates the finger really hurts when I put any pressure on it. I can type ok, but the arm (my forearm) aches most of the time now. I'm not sure if it's carpal tunnel, but I'll ask the ortho guy on the 9th when I go into Knoxville for it. Definitely kid of sucks.

Tonight I'm going to be going out the the missionaries and then I'm not sure what we're doing. There was tak about going to Gatlenburg, but I'm not sure if we'll ahve time. Holly's coming over early and we're maing pancakes so I'm hoping we won't be out that late. I won't be too happy person if I'm tired and have an aching arm and elbow, so I might as well try to control the sleep factor. Arm pain, I can deal with.

I'm still waiting for instructions on this project I'm going to work on. I had planned to stay home, but got an email saying that he would try to send it to me today, so I don't know.

I might be managing the cats this weekend again, but I think I know how to do it now, so I'm not too concerned, plus there should be at least some people here. And thats about all. Heading home early today because I don't know what else I need to do from here, so I need to go and get ready. Later dude((ette)s).