November 9th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow


Before you all shudder in wonderment as to my subject, fear not, it's just the usual craziness you've come to expect on these pages. And if you're a new reader, learn to expect it.

So I got up this morning to find out that I'd been awarded a gold star for community participation on therealljidol. I'm not sure what I did, I just wrote a few comments and did a heck of a lot of reading (there's now six pages of entries, not 5, yikes, I've got pages 4, 5, and a bit of 6 to read). I'm glad I've had some time at work because I would absolutely fail. Not sure how I jumped from no star to number four this week, but hey, I'm not complaining. This is kind of a neat community and contest, and I highly recommend reading some of the entries if you've got a chance. It's definitely turned out to be neater than I thought at the outset. Check them out Here, and if you're even more bored, I'll post a link so that a vote for yours truly or any of the other fabulous writers can be made. No pressure or anything, seriously.

It's really sad when your girlfriend, once presented with the fact that you're going to the orthopedist today, asks you, "So is this for your rib, your elbow, or your knee?" I'm getting old, decrepit, and well ... picture me as you might an aging space station. Those things always have something going wrong with them for no possible reason, and they're freakin hard to fix because of those complications, mainly, uh, because they're in space a long long way from home. I'm actually going back to follow up on my elbow (which I hope he can reinject and/or give me a brace). I'll also ask him about my rib, but he may not be able to suggest anything besides going around not breathing, smiling, laughing, or sneezing. Matt and I are also going to an Italian/burger place (yes, I said Italian/burger, go figure, it's Oak Ridge). I've heard it's good, and if that's the case, I'll for Italian/burger places. So he's coming at 12, and then we'reeating andheading into Knoxville. Nothing warms my troubled heart as much as going to the oortho doctor on a Friday afternoon.

I've been busy sending resumes off to people. I just got a message from one of the chemical engineers at the labs, and he told me that he had no positions available but that I could put an ad in the AICHE local chapter newsletter. I don't see how it could hurt, and it's FREE! I'm all up on free stuff. I've had some discouraging things happen with it as well that I won't elaborate on publically. I just have to be confident that I'll find a job somewhere.

Holly's coming tomorrow, and I'm excited. Though she comes most weekens, I'm always slightly on edge before she gets here with anticipation. Sadly, Holly, or not, Holly is an over-achiever with her artistic skills as they relate to scool, so she's going to hang out there and finish project today, and then come here tomorrow. I don't blame her, I'd do the same thin probably, but I miss her, and would love seeing her two days ago, not tomorrow.

That's all for now. Time to write up this ad and send Eastman guy another message. Grandness, funness, and general chaos. Love it!
Fiona and me in the snow

sometimes I hate selling myself but

Check this ad out and tell me if it's not a load of BS :P.

Noel Romey is currently looking for a position in the chemical plant simulation, process engineering, design, or other related chemical engineering fields within the East Tennessee area. He will obtain his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas, in December, and has spent the last six months creating detailed computer simulations of refinery and biodiesel unit ops for Process Engineering, LLC and other clients. His academic work has focussed on creating adaptive technology to allow visually impaired individuals to operate efficiently and effectively in many areas, especially in computer modelling and simulation, throughout the chemical and refinery industry. For more information, or to request a resume, please contact him via email at (redacted) or by phone at (redacted).

Hopefully it'll make it into the newsletter.