November 11th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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This weekend went reasonably well. I won't write too much about it because I'm pretty tired and I need to get my votes in for LJ Idol tonight. I'd rather do it tonight then have to squeeze it in tomorrow morning.

speaking of, if you read this before 12 eastern tomorrow, and haven't voted for my entry if you liked it, go here to view the three groups of contestants, or here to check the box for the "tribe" that I'm in. Simply search for my name and any other's you liked and click.

Holly and I were together on Saturday, and enjoyed each other as usual. I got to take her to one of my favorite restaurants in Oak Ridge called Flat Water Grille, and she really thought it was nice. After that, we watched a movie that I'd seen at Governor's School back when I was in eleventh grade called Koyaanisqaatzi. Oddly, it's a movie with absolutely no dialogue, and you would think that I wouldn't enjoy it, but I ahd a good describer when I watched it, and really enjoyed what the movie was trying to portray. It basically shows how life is "out of balance". I could go in to greater detail, but I have like zero energy a the moment, and it deserves more energy than I have now.

Oh yeah, di I mention that we watched the game as well on Saturday. I've been catching major flack because Arkansas lost majorly to Tennessee. Oh well, it's just a game, and I'd probably do the same thing to them if we would have won.

That's all that I can write about here. I'm thankful that I've got such a supportive girlfriend, gosh I'm lucky. More soon.
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