November 15th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

work, and a note to my "admirers"

Well, three journal entries in a row without subjects. Too bad I didn't notice last night that my subject somehow was revertingg to the last subject I used while using my lj client. I definitely felt like an idiot when I noticed I still had idol subjects in an entry that had absolutely nothing to do with LJ Idol.

Today, we've got a staff meeting at work which should be exciting as usual, and I'm also meeting with a guy who came in for the staff meeting, and wants me to help him out with a project. This would be a good thing, especially since it has the potential to be one of the last projects I do as an intern here. I really need to get finishing on the section of my thesis that deals with said internship.

Not much else planned here. I know I won't have as much fun as I did yesterday digitally mastering my friend's band's demo. It sure has been a while since I've done musical editing, and I've definitely never cut and paste repeated phrases of songs just to remove annoying audio artifacts.

Ok, it's time to embbarrass a silent reader of this journal or two. I must say that I'm impressed, because Holly's Mom, in an effort to run various background checks and crosschecks on me, found my journal using google of all things. I love it when people find my journal this way because I realize how globally connected I am, and I realize how many people are able to read this. Now why she reads my stuff, I don't know. Personally, I think it could get boring at times, but people keep coming back for more. It also makes me smile when I talk to Holly, a sking her if she's read my last voyage into creative writind history and she says "No, I haven't read it but my Mom has, and she loved it." So hello to Holly's mom, may you find me at least slightly creepy because ... you never can be too comfortable with the guy you're daughter's dting can you? That' what they say at least.

Hello to my third grade teacher. Yes, it's true, my third grade teacher (you may find out more about her later, so don't make me mad Jean or I'll write more about you and the Skiddles jar) reads this daily. She's always liked me for some reason, and finds my life to be slightly sintillating. I've liked Mrs. Schmal ... most of the time ... except for the time that she almost put my name on the board. I think she didn't mostly because she writing my name on the board couldn't have as much effect on me. Just face it, I didn't have to stare at my name the whole day. So she just dealt with my miscreant self, and for some reason, as I approach middle age, and she approaches (do I say it? do I ... oh ok I'm saying it) museum material? she still puts up with me via these pages. Those who read this can thank Jean because she's probably one of the reasons why I'm not a statistic, and can actually write somewhat lucidly.

Anyone else out there? Anyone else want to press that comment pbutton and write me? YOu know you want to.

Ok I'll stop now. and I didn't even get to talking about my Mom, and you've already heard about Holly but have you heard it all. Maybe tomorrow?
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Fiona and me in the snow


Just writing to let everyone officially know that I believe that fall is definitely and most amazingly here today. It's in the forties now with a 20 mile per hour wind, and wehn I took Fiona out this morning, I couldn't wait for her to hurry up so that we could take advantage of the warm of the interior of this office. The leaves are everywhere, people say that the colors here in East Tennessee are vivid. Thanksgiving is a week away, and I can definitely feel the crispness in the air today and almost taste future turkey on the air.