November 26th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

new uncle

I won't write much more than this because I went to the doctor today, and I have two ear infections, a cough, and I'm feeling crappy.

I'm a new uncle though, and that's VERY cool. Romey Grace Walkley was born today a 2:48 pm Central. She's 7 lbs 4 Oz., and is 20 inches long. I can't wait to see her in a few weeks!

'll write more soon, when I'm feeling well and/or am not feeling influenced by drugs. I had no Idol entry, mostly because I wasn't feeling too great all weekend, even though I had a great Thanksgiving. I had half an entr done, but somehow it got lost, and I had no energy as I got into the weekend to finish it.

'Tis All. Welcome to Romey Grace!!!
Fiona and me in the snow

thanksgiving, doctors, and other stuff

Either it's the hydrocodone from the cough syrup that's spurring my writing, or it's the fact that I"m trying to get through lots of Idol entries tonight because I know I won't have the energy tomorrow to give people what they deserve in the way of votes and I'm procrastinating what I think I need to do, or it's just that I don't think I gave a well-plotted entry last time. True, I'd just gotten the news about my new niece (I'm Uncle Noel^4 now), but after not being able to complete last weeks Idol entry has me really worried that I may not be able to complete this contest without having to resign or something. I totally had a good idea for what I wanted to write about, but when semagic lost my 400 word half-entry draft, and I'd felt like crap at the time, I just didn't have the stamina to write it down. I'll probably regret it, but oh well, it's done.

On to newer and better things, If you're curious, you can find more info on Romey Grace (pictures should be forthcoming) at either the Walkley Family blogspot Blog or by viewing, watching, or adding the lj syndication feed, walkleyfamily.

Now, my thanksgiving^2 with my Holly.
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Holly told me to go to the doctor today, and, as usual after resisting the wise of Holly, I was glad I did. When I got to work, my ears sounded like listening to the world through water, and my navigation was seriously off. Since I depend on my ears to find walls, hallways, and other obstructions, I was, and still am running into things all the time, more than usual that is. So I called and made an appointment, and am now taking a high-test antibiotic which makes my pee smell really bad (TMI, but it's better than the antibiotic I took which made my pee turn bright orange; who knows it could be orange this time, but I don't want to ask anyone to have a look, I can just report what I observe), some prednezone for my ear infection(s), and some afformentioned cough syrup which is making this entry more difficult by the moment to write as time ticks on. I know that there are probably many typos, run-on sentences, and parenthetical fopas, but at this point, I don't care. All I care about is that I am able to record what I did over the weekend, because I know if I don't, it will pass into memorical obscurity (memorical is not a word, I just made it up).

And with that, before I fall asleep right here and now, I'm going to check a few boxes on votes, and get to bed. Then if I have time, I'll edit my votes. At least if I do that, I won't feel guilty that I haven't voted for my favorites. Later y'all, and keep it real, I'm hittin' the hay, and hoping I don't have really scary drug-induced dreams.