November 30th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

voting, birthday, the weekend plans, and interviewing

Before I get in the shower so that I can get cleaned up and prepared for Holly's arrival , I thought I would write. First, (I am writing this early this week so this couldb e good for me), I'm going to need votes this week in the therealljidol contest. I feel bad asking and asking, but unfortunately for you, the reader, that's the nature of the beast. Go here, and see the whole list of people you can vote on. Vote for me in this group only Here. If you want more creativeness rather than just mundane, boring, stuff about my life ... you know what to do. Ok, I'll shut up now about that.

Holly's birthday is today, and a very happy 26th to her. She's coming to get me this afternoon after receiving some cool gifts from myself, and we're going up to where she lives to watch a choral concert with the fam and then eat dessert with them. Tomorrow, we're going to go and see August Rush which, being a fan of all things musical, I'm really looking forward to. Not sure what else I'm going to do, but I'm sure we'll fill our time, even if it is just hanging out together.

I've got my interview time set for the 11th of December. Holly and I will head up there on the 10th, eat dinner with the chemical company guys, and then I'll have a series of interviews on the 11th. I'm both nervous and excited, and I'll be reading up a lot on how to interview etc. in the next week or so as I've never interviewed for a job before.

Well, must get a shower, get clothes and other things together for this weekend, and get ready to go. More soon.