December 4th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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I've got four antibiotic pills left, which means I'm going to be taking this stuff until Thursday. I'm ready to (a) be over this cough and stuff and (b) well ... be over this cough and stuff. My ears have cleared up nicely over the weekend, and I've stopped taking the prednezone. So I'm babck to eating like a bird .. that is ... unless we're talking about fried chicken, because when fried chicken is concerned, all bets are off with how much I cn eat.

Holly and I were glad to be able to be done with the weekend on Sunday evening. Not that we had a bad weekend, we didn't, but we were going practically all the time, so when we came back to Oak Ridge and had nothing to do, we were glad.

We're continuing to get ready for all of the interviews next week. I still don't have an interview schedule, but all I know is tha we have to be in Kingsport Monday afternoon, and then interview on Tuesday during the day. As part of the weekend, we went and got some new shirts for the interview and dinner the night before, so I know that I should at least look good. The whole interview process will be a really new experience, and I'm going to write about it.

I'm at work today mostly so I can n make a couple of phone calls to organize my thesis completion and defense. That way, I can tell people about when I can work.

And with that, I probably should go so I ca call my advisor. Then, provided I can make it home early, I'm going to have to contemplate "sexul ethics" for Idol. I'm not looking forward to it.