December 6th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

The oven, interviews, and the Faith in America Speech

Sadly, I've felt like sleeping most of the day, well half of the day that is. I'll have time and energy, hopefully, to write the short introduction that my thesis requires and try also to get througha nother page of idol entries, and if I can do both of those (thesis being the more important thing), I'll be even more happy than I am now.

I'm sitting here drinking some peprmint tea, and it's quite a refreshing thing, even though it's just pushing the mid fifties, not too cold but still cool enough for hot liquid.

I was excited to find out that I had a refill on my cough syrup last night. It oddly put me in the frame of mind of "what would I do if this was my last jar of mayonaise and the world didn't make mayonaise anymore?" (I was making a sandwich), :What would I do if I had no cough syrup refill? What would I do if antibiotics didn't exist?", and other morbid and antiquarian questions. Guess I've been reading too many apocalyptic books lately (S. M. Stirling is one of my favorite authors).

We lost our only working oven today. This is bad, especially since when it's my night to cook, I generally use the oven. It's even more apocalyptic since I now am unable to make tasty cookieish things. *sigh* At least I can make no-bake cookies, something I'm prety good at as well. So Jessica and Josh are out there now making baked chicken and asparagus on the stove top. We're hoping and praying that it will be ok. There is one good sign, and that is that it smells wonderful out there at the moment.

I'm getting more excited about the string of interviews I'll have on Tuesday. They sent me an email with my planned-out schedule, and I've got seven interviews planned with seven pretty high-up people in the company. They say this is standard operating procedure, but I don't think they follow the S.O.P. for all applicants. I'll do a presentation/demo of my system for simulation at some point in the day, and hopefully I can convince them that I can get the job done and be a producttive and valuable asset to the company. At least they seem excited that I am going to be coming.

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More soon, dinner's ready. Hope I enjoy this new experiment.