December 7th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

quiet house, idol voting, more interview details, and my plans

It's a quiet house today. Catherine has headed to North Carolina to be with her husband, Jessica has left to hang out with friends, and Emily and Owen are on their honeymoon. So it's just me, Fiona, and the cats hanging out. Hopefully I can turn this solitude into a positive experience by doing some reading and scanning some books. I'm also going to try to vote earlier for therealljidol Speaking of, voting's started, vote early and often here, especially if you liked my last one. Others are well-written too, and thought-provoking. They've done some moving around of groups or tribes of people, and I've been put in the first tribe with those people who have either used up most of the "bye" week entries, or those who haven't been getting many votes. I haven't decided if this grouping is a blessing or not yet.

I got an updated interview schedule with Eastman (no longer E company because it doesn't matter now whether or not I reveal it). I'm doing a "gadget demo" toward the end of the day. It's interesting that I'll basically be hanging out on the sixth floor of one of the buildings on the plant's huge campus just waiting for people to come in and interview me. I'm sure I will get repeat questions, but one of the people who has worked for Eastman, but now works for the company I'm interning with told me that this was normal, and that I should do well. She told me that if I can just be myself, and show my true personality, that I should do well. I just want them to know that I'm willing to make accommodations to help me get the job, but that they'll probably have to do certain things as well. I just don't want them to think that they have to pay thousands of dollars for equipment that, though I may need it, is not absolutely necessary for me to get a job done. I have some ideas for suggestions that I could make, and I think that these suggestions will bode well for making them comfortable enough to work with me.

I'm not planning on doing anything too amazing tonight. Holly isn't coming until Sunday night :(, so I'll probably have a very quiet weekend here. Perhaps I can get some more thesis work done and/or prepare myself for these interviews. Must continue to think positively. More soon.