December 8th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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I've moved my computer out to the living room so I could be near a power source and table so I can set up my scanner. I didn't do a major amount of scanning, but did rescan a page I was needing to do for a book I started reading a long time ago. That made it possible for me to finish the book. What a disappointing/cliffending (redundant, sorry) ending. Makes me want to read S. M. Stirling's second and third book in the second series. This book was The Sunrise Lands, and it impresses me how Stirling's speculative fiction flows so freely and (from what I can tell) truly. I can only imagine what research had to go into imagining a land of America over 20 years after the lack of complete technology. Only technical glitch I noticed in the book was that at the very end of the book, they mentioned a Mormon stake center and, from what I could tell, called it a temple. Not all Mormon church buildings are temples. You'll notice a temple because it actually looks ornate whereas normal church buildings (meeting houses and stake centers) are very utilitarian and humble looking.

I ended up ordering pizza last night. I waited an hour and called them to ask about my order. They said that they tried to deliver it, but no one was there. I told them, in no center terms, that they were full of crap. I was here, and actually was listening for someone. The thing about this house is that it's and old house, and therefore, even though it was built in wartime, you can hear most everything, especially when people come to the door. So they sent another driver out to me, and they found the correct address. Luckily, the pizza was good (it's my first pizza I've actually had delivered to Oak Ridge since I've been here).

Holly is getting here tomorrow evening some time. She'll stay here tomorrow night, and then we'll leave on Monday morningish for northeast Tennessee. I can't wait to see her! It would have been a much better weekend if she were here, but she's got lots of final week finishing stuff to do, so I understand.

Well, time to get to sleep so I can get to church and stay awake during my meetings. More soon, and sorry for the misspellings tonight, I'm not typing properly for some odd reason tonight.