January 14th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

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I have about one hour until my piano lesson--resolving sharp eleven chords to raised fifths--so I thought I would write, and at least put some electrons out there rathre than just writing my typical idol entry and then backfilling with asundry facts.

Break for stupidity, I thought my lesson was at 4:30, but that's eastern time, whoops, lesson went well.

I called my advisor today to ask him what he wanted me to do on my thesis. He said that he'd made some changes and that he would call me in the morning tomorrow to tell me what I needed to do on my final conclusion. At least that's what I thought he wanted me to work on. I don't know, we shall see.

Spent the morning finishing the reading of and voting for the posts from last week's topic. I would have liked to read a book, but these topics seemed more interesting than that.

Oh, before I go,
my Mom told me this morning that she had found that there was an unexpected stash of extra clementines in the fridge outside. She didn't have to tell me to eat them because in celebration of the unexpected extras (we had just gotten more at Sam's), I ate two in conjuction with my normal bagle for breakfast. Yay.

I didn't talk with Holly yesterday at all. I was really worried that somethng was wrong, but she called me today, and all is well. Apparently, she had a bad migraine. Seems odd that I'd be worried about not talking to someone for one day, but when you've talked to your girlfriend every day, sometimes twice a day, a day without communication is quite difficult. Makes me very grateful for free long distance and free mobile to mobile minutes. Makes me also grateful that I live in a generation that I do that allows me to be in such constant communication.

More soon.