January 21st, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

Sleepy drunkenness, or is it drunken sleepiness

Holly called me last night at about 10:30. I'm not sure how long I'd been asleep, but I'd been asleep that crucial amount of time that allows for the slightly hilarious (for her) experience of experiencing sleepy drunkenness, not drunken sleepiness (which way is it anyway?). I don't remember much of our conversation, just that I kept trying to put together sentences and then giving up and telling her I couldn't do this talking thing right now. I don't remember turning off my phone afterwords, but apparently I did.

At least I'm admitting to being asleep. In previous cases I'd feign resting my eyes or ... I wasn't sleeping, I swear. Fun times.

Appointment's in an hour, I'll update as to its outcome when or if I return and survive. It's cold outside, but not as cold as it is in some places. I haven't been outside for a while, so it should be an interesting shock to the system.
Fiona and me in the snow

doctors appointment pdate, and counting the pieces of good news

I had two x-rays done to check for fractures in my elbow joint, mostly because I was feeling pain in my elbow joint proper. He couldn't see anything, but he said that even if there was a stress fracture, that may not manifest itself on the film for a while. We decided that though I'd had it done twice before, that an injection would, again, be in order. So right now, I'm dealing with the excruciating pain that comes after a cortezone shot to the elbow near a major nerve center, I took some hydrocodone, and that has taken the edge off of the pain. I know that this injection will help things in the short term. I just need to be really careful with the elbow, even if it feels better. If I can keep wearing my braces, it's my hope I can "cure" the thing. This week wasn't fun. It's not as bad as a femur fracture, but I still wouldn't wish it on anyone else. I think I'm on the mend at this point.

In other news, my Dell laptop order shipped today. Then I'll have the fun of transferring all of my data to the new machine.

I'm thankful that I've got at least one good piece of news today. Though the doctor didn't tell me anything earth-shattering, there's no real earth-shattering cure to tennis elbow. This is just one more challenge I get to deal with. I'm glad I like challenges.
Fiona and me in the snow

the Democratic debate, Clinton vs. Obama: Throw down

I just watched the Democratic debate on CNN, and all I can say now is that for at least the first half of the debate--I have to be fair, I only watched all of that and parts of the second half--I was disgusted. I was disgusted because there were many parts of the first half that lacked substance, but only consisted of argument. I was disgusted because both Clinton and Obama attacked each other at every opportunity, and didn't discuss the real issues. They didn't discuss their views on real issues that will effect the everyday American, but found it important that they jab at each other. I've not been a fan of Hilary Clinton for President for a while, and I wasn't sure of the reason for my dislike. Obama is not perfect, neither is Edwards, but I was apalled at how virulent some of Clintons accusations were towards mostly Obama. When attacked, Obama had no choice but to defend himself. Again, Obama is not perfect, and he was a pervayor of other petty arguments, but perhaps because I'm not a (Hilary) Clinton fan, whenever she would speak, and throw stones, I would seethe. Did she throw the stone? I don't know. But does that really matter? Not at all.

Why can't candidates concentrate on the issues? Is it really that important who Obama or Clinton worked for as clients? Was it really productive to spend 45 minutes arguing back and forth and not debating.

I still am not completely sure who I will vote for on Super Tuesday, but I know that one thing is for sure, and that thing is that Clinton wrote several black marks in my book in her column. It's a disgrace that in American politics, you must win by being negative. It's disgraceful that, to win, the candidates must sling million dollar mud at each other, trying to prove to an American undecided who is less flaws. Let's debate issues! There are differences between the three candidates on their platforms. And most of all, next time, I hope I can watch a debate, not an argument.
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