January 22nd, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

the impending arrival of my new computer and status of my elbow

DHL reports that my computer is in Little Rock. I've gathered some serial numbers for applications I'd like to copy over to my new compter, so I think that when it gets here, I should be ready to hook the two up and perform a data dump. Then I have to climb up the Vista learning curve and either love ot or hate it with a passion. I have a feeling that some features will be disabled by the Nerminator, but we will see. To tell yo the truth, I'm looking forward to playing the games that are included with Vista by Mcrosoft. You have no idea how much I've wanted to play Minesweeper, and Microsoft's allowing that by relabelling buttons so blind dudes can use it. I made the hard decision of not buying a MAC, though some might disagree, I'm glad I bought Dell this time. I use too many applications that require Microsoft products. Translation, Microsoft has brainwashed me and I haven't gone to a reedcation center yet. That, and Apple's screen reading technology isn't as good as I'd like it at the moment. If I really get desperate, I can reformat my Dell hard drive and install Vista and Leopard on the same computer.

My elbow is much much better ths morning. The cortezone is doing it's job, at least fr the time being. Now I just have to be gentle with my elbow. I'm used to typing with a wrist brace on, and I think that should help protect it so that it doesn't rehurt itself. I'm still not using the compression elbow brace yet, but I haven't tried putting it on. Yesterday the injection site was still a bit painful.

More when I have it.