January 25th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

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I've finally gotten my new computer mostly set up. After three trials on migrating all of my data and programs over, last night I mostly succeeded. Yes falcon13, if I had a Mac, it would be much easier to move my settings, I agree full-heartedly. Thank you Microsoft. The only thing that I forgot to migrate is my OCR program. I don't know how I forgot. Most of my programs continue to work though save Microsoft Outlook 2003--which doesn't work because 2007's installed. Powerpoint works and that's very cool.

I'm very happy with the computer's speed and memory. The batteries last about between five and six hours a piece (I have two). I haven't tried turning off the display completely yet. And *gasp* I don't have a huge issue with Vista. Like a wild horse, I will break it, beat it into submission.

I'm still waiting on my advisor's seal of approval on the final section of my thesis. I tried calling him when I was supposed to so that we could get it done, but he didn't answer. So, I play the waiting game again. One of these days I'll defend. That'll be a good day.

My piano teacher is being interviewed this morning to be on the news in Chicago for his style of teaching piano. He picked me to be the "distance student" that the person will interview. I'm sure that the method of distance piano wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for me and several others. He's even got a few students in other countries. I'm not sure what I will say or what, at this point, I will play, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

I watched the Republican debates last night on MSNBC. Thankfully, they were very civil. I don't abree with the platforms of the Republican candidates, but I was grateful that the candidates acted much more like adults in this debate. Hilary says that she'll start being more civil, so I hope that Obama does the same and that we start hearing about the candidates issues rather than the personal vindettas they might have against each other.

It's supposed to possibly ice this morning. Of course, it's also supposed to rain on top of it this afternoon, which could be ok if it's above freezing this afternoon like it is forecast.

I've got a few things to write, and Idol entries to read and vote on today, and that's about all that I'll be doing in the "let's be productive department". Boring. No word from the job front :(.