January 27th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

Totally, like, frigorific dude

So I need to stop this seriousness that I've avowed myself , and you the reader of, since I joined the LJ idol writing contest. So in the honor of serious Sunday, I bring you my made up word for the day.

I've been playing around with Free Rice which basically is a web site/vocabularic game. Basically, you answer these "this word means this" questions. Get one right, and you donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations food organization (i'm not getting the name right). It's been really fun playing, and I've learnt some new words.

And that brings us to the new word of the day. From the "this could be a swear word file". Here we have ...


Man, it's friggin frigorific outside; I think I'll stay in bed! </blockquote>

Apparently, it also can pertain to causing cold, so you could be having some extremely frigorific ice cream. You could have a frigorifically caused ice cream head ache. Heck, you could even die because your body has turned all frigorif on you. Possibilities are endless.

IN other news, though knowing how to properly use this frigorific word is news, I had a really great Sunday. Church was good, as usual. I couldn't find my charger for my braille computer notetaker, so couldn't participate as much as I would have liked to. Being able to have technology that allows me to have all of the scriptures and a hymn book in a relatively small package is really neat, so when I don't have access to it, it makes going to church, not impossible, but unfamiliar. I made it through though, and felt spiritually refreshed, so that's a good thing.

I went with my Mom yesterday to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and Romey in Memphis. We had a really great time hanging out together. Romey is getting so big now--she's now around ten pounds--and she's really able to do a lot for being two months old. She's not sitting up yet, but is working on it (she's able to hold up her head, and she's getting pretty good at kicking too).

So consequently, I'm really tired tonight since I got up early this morning to go to church and stayed up late traveling back last night. More soon when I can think more clearly, and remember, don't have a frigorific evening, stay warm will ya? If you're bored and want to help me out, join the therealljidol community for this week's friends only vote here. Lots of really neat writers this week as usual.
Fiona and me in the snow

looking both ways: an introspective look an a great guy's life

I got two phone calls in succession, one from a friend I hadn't talked to in ages. When Brian called, I figured that something was wrong because he doesn't call me too often. And that's when I found out about the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley, President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wether or not you agree with or believe in my church ... whether or not you believe in prophets of today ... we must all realize what a great man he was not only to those in his church, but to all humankind. Throughout his life, he gave much to those in need. He spread understanding and peace to world leaders throughout the world. He met with presidents, kings, and queens, and he treated them like he might treat you or I. Under his direction, billions of dollars was given to the poor and afflicted everywhere.

And in all this time, until his death at the age of 97, he lead his church ... and people complain about McCain being 72 and running for President of the United States.

I just hope I can accomplish much in my life someday. I hope that I can live to 80 and still feel like I can work 5 days or more a week.. And I hope I can challenge myself to overcome the trials of life, and stay close to the Lord. What a wonderful man to have as an example liver and an exemplary giver.

And I say to myself ... no pressure, right? But it's a challenge that I give myself, and one that I choose to accept.