February 1st, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

they're out to get you, you hacker you!

I've had to reboot my computer several times, because of JAWS I think (maybe) since I got this computer. Something happens which causes keys to stick or causes the computer to ding, and ding, and ding. Only way I can fix it is to reboot the computer. It could be a problem with my keyboard, I don't know. So I did what spyware, and Windows Defender apparently, doesn't like, and I downloaded a keylogger. Yes, it's true, don't mess with my computer because every key that you, or I, press right now, is being logged and categorized. It was hard to find a keylogger which was simple enough for what I wanted--most of the loggers capture emails, myspace pages, etc. (for those who would like to capture everything they might do on your computer--but I was able to find one that just logged keys. I guess I'm a weird user ... I didn't want stealtt, I didn't want screenshots, I just wanted keys logged. Hopefully this will allow me to figure out what key is sticking so that I can figure out why I have to reboot my stupid computer every time I get to working on something reasonable. I wish I could say that I'm paranoid, and that they're out to get me, but no ... they're not (probably). Off to write a keylogged idol entry.

I got an airline ticket to leave tomorrow. More about that after I finish this entry. In short, what a weird experience. I am SO EXCITED!
Fiona and me in the snow

conquering overanalysis, a love story -- LJ Idol, Week 12

I will make a living solving problems. My family's bread and butter will come because my psyche and natural tendency to dissect any situation has been honed to an atomic knife-edge by problem solving exercises, homework assignments, final exams, and design projects. I have two homes, and I spend most of my time hanging out on the 'west side' of my north facing thinking machine, heading east for summer vacations, weekends, and for brief writing conventions and contests, and music forays. I hack, slash, and mow down my problems and obstacles, but only after deciphering and anatomizing them. I keep my analytical sword of truth well-oiled, sharpened, and gleaming, and it's ready for battle at all times.

If our eyes could have met across a crouded room, they probably would have. In talking to her, I knew within seconds, that she was not only special, but that she could be ... the one. Collapse )
Fiona and me in the snow

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I threw my therealljidol entry together today. What I wrote was true, but I think I could have pulled the writing together better. That being said, voting is to be had here, open to all. I'd appreciate anything you might want to send my (or anyone else you like)'s way. I fear I'll be on the fringe this week, and don't know how much internet I'll have access to.

I've packed most of the things I'm taking to Knoxville tomorrow. I still marvel at how cheap the ticket I got, especially since tickets booked a month in advance from Little Rock to Knoxville are usually about twice the price (if not more) than what I paid. Holly was not feeling well this afternoon, so I'm hoping and praying that she will feel ok tomorrow when I arrive. I'm not sure what we'll do. I'm just looking forward to seeing her again.

I ran the keylogger all day today. JAWS crashed once, and the keylogger found nothing abnormal. I turned off the webcam manager to see if it would fix things. We shall see. All I know is that rebooting the computer for no absolute reason is very annoying.

I'm going to leave here at 6:30, and have to be to the airport at 5:30, so I'm planning on voting for as many entries as I can, and then heading to bed after dinner. More if I can get some internet access to write.