April 24th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow


By the end of this day I won't have my actual masters in hand, but all the work minus minor changes to my thesis should be done. I've done this particular presentation before, so it shouldn't be a huge deal, and I'm not nervous about the mechanics of actually giving the presentation and answering questions, but it's still a big step, and that makes me nervous.

We're picking up stuff I have stored at the church today, and then having lunch with sunnyblue which should be cool. Then comes my interrogation, and then we're heading back. A trip from central AR to Fayetteville normally takes about two and a half to three hours, depending on how bad you want to get there/back, so it'll make for a long day, but a good one I hope.

Got a call from Richmond, VA for a job with the Defense Logistics Agency. They were "looking forward to considering me for the position" (one I'd applied to about three weeks ago), and so I'm interviewing tomorrow morning. I've done several of these interviews, and I'm feeling like more of a pro at it so I look at it as a fun experience. The job should be a good one too if I can sell myself well enough.

It's a bit rainy outside, and the going will be slow I'm sure, so I should close it here until I get back.

PS. Did I mention that I wish the Democratic Primary season was over in this entry? Consider it mentioned. Harumph! Arg!