April 29th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

The first night and Park time

It's almost like having a nwe child I suppose. On the first night, you're up later than you want to be, and every noise that the baby makes, you wake up. I did get to bed reasonably early--about nine--but kept waking up, first because there was a nose in my mouth and face at about 3:30, and then after that when Velvet made some crazy whiny "When are you going to feed me" noises. Good times. It was nice to not have to wash my face this morning--Velvet took care of that for me, then she threw her nylabone (by accident I hope) at me and it hit my head. Craziness.

We did one trip around the leisure path, a walking track that winds around the campus here. Every new dog team makes this trek. It's an easy one for the dog and the human, and the dogs like getting out. Velvet did well, and didn't run me into things on the first walk, so I guess that's the first step to ultimate exceptance. The Nylabone thing concerns me, but hey, this whole master doggie relationship is a two edged sword at times.

I got to groom her for the first time last night as well, and she seemed to tolerate it ok. I actually think that the grooming experience helped her to acept me more and start the bonding process.

I'm feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. I haven't stopped thinking about Fiona, but Velvet is such a sweet puppy that I can't help but to give her the respect and love that she deserves. It'll be neat to see Fiona again though for sure.

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It's time for breakfast, so I need to go. I'll expound on this whole thing later.