May 12th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

Sunday, Dog massage, new harness test drive, and going home soon?

Well, the past day and a half haven't been hugely eventful, but they bring me a day and a half closer to going home and therefore to the next phase in our training, and they warrant writing about.

My visit with my new friend, Kevin, from was really cool. Not only was it a good opportunity for me to meet someone new, but it also gave me some much needed non-dog related outside contact with the world. We took a couple of trips around the leisure path, giving him an idea of how dogs work close up. Kevin also took some pictures of us to put on the site which may appear here as well. Let's face it, I haven't posted many pictures of Velvet and I on my journal, so this was good. In our nonwalking, nonphoto snapping spare time, we hung out in the lounge where we chatted with the people and their other visitors about technology and life in general. It ended my Sunday very nicely, even if it got a bit cool and windy in the foliage and trees around the leisure path.

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Today was pretty picture perfect as Velvet's work went. In the morning, we went on a route where we tested her street crossing and street entering abilities, and as always, clearance issues here in Morristown. She got right out there today. Seems as the New York City elixir cured her of her boredom and caution to enter the street. We don't want her, or I for that matter, to get too cocky about travelling, but I'm glad we're doing loads better.

In the afternoon, we went to visit the land of the Blue h*** (Wal-Mart) to test how Velvet would follow an instructor around and through aisles, harness through isles and around tight corners, and all that kind of store stuff. Again, pretty darn close to perfection. Too bad we have to leave soon and throw us into an unfamiliar area. I think we'll be ok.

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All I know is that I'll have to pack tomorrow, and no matter what I'm packing for, I hate packing with a passion.

And so that I have enough energy to pack, I better close this and head to bed. I'll have to test out my new harness handle in actual real world working conditions. The leisure path was a good test, but it didn't help test things like stopping for streets, curbs, steps, and that kind of thing. My arm should be better with the ergo harness handle though, and if that's the case, I know I'll be a happier, less numb, and less tired person tomorrow evening. "forward" to tomorrow!