May 20th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

big adventures at the Mexican restaurant, working with Velvet again, and our last few trips at a gla

I'm writing from my Mom's school where we had an interesting experience which I had to write about. Since semester tests are going on, students can go home early, and teachers are free to do work in their rooms after the students leave. This opens up the normally 30 minute lunch to a more sane amount of time, and so most of the teachers go somewhere for lunch. My mom and I decided to go to a Mexican place in town which has a franchise close to where we live, We've been to this place before, but without my dog.

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Velvet's done really good work here in the building. She's now pretty patterned to going through the cafeteria completely rather than going into the serving line. On the way to the office, I had a clearance issue with a row of desks that was in the hall, but we reworked it a couple of times, and she finally avoided it well.

In the room, Velvet has a tennis ball of her own that she's been playing with. I let her off the leash here in the room for the first time to run a bit and be supervised by my Mom, and she continues to be fascinated by the tennis balls put on the bottom of the chair legs to dampen scraping noises on the concrete floor. Those balls haven't dampened her spirit enough to keep trying to wrench a ball off of one of the chairs, but having all of these balls around does confuse her a bit when she plays with her ball and she loses it. She just has a lot of balls to choose from, and it's hilarious to watch her try to find tge ball that isn't mysteriously stationary. When we come into my Mom's room, she always wants to try to go into the first door we come to from the front door. I found out today that that door leads to the inschool suspension room. I don't know what Velvet's trying to tell me, but there's got to be a veiled message in there somewhere that I can infer right? Silly puppy!

My security clearance paperwork is finally done. I spent most of yesterday finishing all of the form fields and going back and forth with the security person at DSCR (Defense Supply Center Richmond), and we believe that now, it's correct. My errors weren't huge, but I was mismatching some dates, and that would have caused problems with the screening process, especially with my eployments running for example from 2007 to 2005 when I really should have entered the dates from 2005 to 2007. So now my life can continue, or not, since I'll be just waiting to hear back from DLA to determine when the clearance has completed. At least I'm not trying to get a secret or a top secret clearance--those can take up to 3 years to complete. So, at most, I'll be waiting for six months. This seems like a long time, but I think I can handle it. If I can make sure to find places to work Velvet, I'll be ok that is, because working on the road where I live is, at this point, still not possible.

Church on Sunday went well. I have most of the people there trained to not pet the new dog, but people were definitely curious about her. All of this adjustment process is education not only for handler and dog, but it's an education process for the public as well. I just look at these things as a few more fun challenges.

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