May 27th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

hanging at home, my weekend

Every time I touch Fiona, I realize how old she's getting. I've noticed that lately even more ... I don't know why. I guess I should be used to her laying around all the time, but when you compare that with Velvet, she seems like she's very slow. I decided to get out a dog biscuit for all of the dogs just to see if she was feeling ok enough to get up and run over to me, and indeed she got up and ate the dog biscuit. I can't tell if she's actually sad that I've got another dog--she still lets me pet her and likes it, but it's still not the same.

I've been doing well lately except for it's difficult because I haven't been able to talk to Holly much lately. She's been taking care of her Grnadmother and can't use the phone much. I guess I took it for granted that I could talk to her every day because now that I can't, it's very difficult for me.

This weekend, my sister, brother-in-law, and Romey, my six month-old niece, came over to spend the Memorial Day weekend with us. We all had fun, Velvet especially, playing games and generally having fun hanging out. We even had time enough in the evenings to have a three day Mexican Train Dominos tournament. Usually when I play the rest of my family, Kelsea and Philip especially, I've gotten unlucky with a hand or two which throws my point total way off. For some reason, luck was smiling on me this weekend. In a set of six games, I got almost 110 points which barely won. I don't mind losing ... I love Mexican Train whether or not I lose or win ... but this weekend was pretty sweet. It was great to be together as a family and much better than my lonely afternoons here at the house during the week. At least before I got my job, I could job hunt, now all I do is read books and listen to talk radio. Don't get me wrong, I love reading and listening, but I'm looking forward to the land of the work week and occupational headaches and stress.

Yesterday, I went to a Memorial Day get-together at a friend from church's house. There were a whole bunch of people there, and a whole bunch of food. It was a good test for Velvet, because we were outside the whole time, and so I again realized how much Velvet likes to chew on everything, especially sticks. The thing about Velvet is that when I take something that she's chewing--like a stick or a toy--she'll give it up willingly, so it wasn't a big deal, but it was interesting to watch her gnaw on a stick like it was a nylabone. I'm sure she ate part of the stick, especially the second stick I took from her. She sniffed at the little family dog that was there, but wasn't too distracted by him. She seems like she's content just to hang out. Whenever I get up, unless she's deep in sleep (that happens much of the time), she'll come to attention. It was in the mid 80s, and the sun was shining, the whole huge yard is covered with trees, and that made it very comfortable for all humans and dogs.

I've started letting her off leash in the house. This is a day or two sooner than the two weeks that we're proscribed to keep our dogs on leash arrest, but I wanted to see how she would do, and unless someone opens up the front door, a new person comes into the house, or one of the other dogs wants to go outside, she generally sleeps at my feet without me asking her to "rest". I still keep her on leash at the table, and I'll put her on leash at the end of the day when my parents come home, but I definitely consider her behavior now to be greatly improved in the house compared to when I first brought her here. Her feet still skid on the smooth wooden floors which is highly amusing.

I haven't been able to work Velvet much lately which really is distressing to me. I can't do anything about that though but adjust her food levels for her lower activity level, and work her whenever someone has enough energy and/or time to take me somewhere I can work. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to my Mom's school again, so it will be nice to work her there. She seems to be getting better at the routes within the school, and that's great practice for later on when I'm in an office atmosphere.

And that's about all I can think to write. It's not raining now so Zim, our little dog, is calm now, but as it thunders periodcally, he likes to stick to me like glue needing for comfort. Fiona and Velvet just sleep. And that's what I'm going to do here in a minute after I post this, take a nap.