May 30th, 2008

Fiona and me in the snow

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I feel ok, I've been better, but my voice has gone downhill. DLA HR called me, and I could hardly talk. With the EEO (Equal opportunity Office) called me to talk about what equipment I wanted, I could hardly talk to them either. And when we went to the Texas Roadhouse with some friends of ours, I had a really hard time communicating. I also had a hard time communicating to Velvet that eating peanut shells on the floor isn't what I want her to do. I managed to extract a few before I put her into a virtual headlock with foot on leash, and hands around her nose, and she got the picture. I'm currently living on Musinex, Benedril, and lots of liquids. The annoying thing is that I have energy to do things. I have to teach Sunday School at church this Sunday, and I hope I sound, and feel better. I'll push through--I always do--but it may kind of be painful.

Like I said, I talked with EEO and they're going to talk to the IT office to see if what I requested will be able to be used on the computer system. I still have some time to pick what I want, but I'm thinking that I've got at least an initial idea of what I need. Then I can think of other things that won't necessarily be essential, but would be useful to have later on as I go to my training duties every month.

Tomorrow, I don't have anything huge planned except for remaining as silent as I can and planning my lesson. I might create a phone post just to demonstrate my patheticness, but that might bring people glea to make mun of me. I talked to Holly today, and she said that I sounded cute. My throat sure doesn't feel cute, but whatever.

More soon.