July 8th, 2012

Fiona and me in the snow

swimming weather

It was definitely swimming weather out there today, and though we did not do too much in the way of swimming, at least we felt like we were swimming through the hot humid air. High was 104 today, yet another record, and the thunder and rain we're receiving now is welcome. We have slow, heavy, summer flies all over the place, and it has become Julian's sport to go around, flyswatter in hand saying, in a really sweet innocent voice, "commeer bug. Comeer bug." I don't think he's actually killed any flies, but it's sure darn cute.

Holly's brother, Mom and Dad came yesterday so they could take John, her brother, to a week-long church summer camp called EFY about two hours away from here. Her Dad left today to go back home, and her Mom plans to stay here for the week awaiting John's completion of EFY and Holly's Dad's return. They got here later than expected due to a flat tire before leaving, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Consequently, we didn't go to church, but stayed here this week.

Holly's Dad seems to like to fix things when he comes here, and today was not an exception to the rule as he didn't have too much time. When we had the earthquake last year, it seems to have helped or caused the deck to twist slightly to the right. this encouraged the gate we use to keep Julian in and me from falling down the steps to be about an inch and a half from true, and therfore unable to latch. Turns out, the hinges got torqued, and we had to replace some screws, but we seem to have it working now so there's a correct latch, and so we don't have to use a bungee cord to keep the gate closed. Definitely more safe, and more convenient, a win win. Hard to imagine that a 5.8 earthquake could do that, but it sure makes sense. Being 40 miles from the epicenter, we definitely felt some rockin' and rollin' out here, and it seems like our deck got in on the action. though settling does occur in this part of the country, it seems to have been accellerated, and we saw more cracks from the paint in joints on the walls etc. after the quake.

We also got my HF antenna restretched, and I'm now pretty certain I can get back on the air without too much difficulty. I haven't made any contacts, but I am glad to know that our landscaper didn't cut the actual wire portion of the OCF (Off-center fed) dipole, but cut and/or untied the cord holding it. This is good, especially since the Antenna costs like $200. We're still going to have to untangle some things with a reaching pole he'll bring when he comes back next week, but I'm grateful for the quick fix, and glad to be back on the air.

Despite the heat and my misgivings about grilling in high temps, dean and I cooked burgers and hot dogs, and, that hellish task completed, we filled up the two inflatable pools we have. the burgers were good, and after eating, the pool was even better. The big inflatable apparently has a leak because after we filled it, part of the pool started to sag, and we lost water. We still had fun though, even with Julian shooting me in the face with a hose. He seems to think that that is a sadistic game, and that it's fun too.

I've been trying to stay awake since then by doing dishes and staying generally active, as I'm worried that if I go to bed too early, I'll wake up extra early and be totally screwed. Of course, my trusty cat alarm clock named Tippy will wake me up without fail at 6:30 or thereabouts wanting food. I'm working from home tomorrow, so whenever I start really doesn't matter. The later I start, the later I have to work, so I try to start early, right after the cat wakes me up, so I can get done early and possibly take a nap.

We went outside to watch another small storm move in, and that was nice. I liken storms to food. My favorite part of a storm is when the air turns from being a stagnant soup with rumbles anticipating what is to come, to a cool alfresco, turbulent and exciting, to the calm fresh end, the dessert of the storm. More soon, I don't think I can force myself to stay awake much longer. *big yawn*