August 2nd, 2012

Fiona and me in the snow

welcome to the jungle, for real.

Well, we made it, finally! Everyone's up right now, but we're not doing anything so I'm writing.

We got here last night, after several delays and fun times, at about 11:30. This was mostly because we stopped to get something to eat, had a GPS issue finding a gas station almost causing us to run out of said gas, and (c) it just is that far from our house in virginia to Fripp Island in South Carolina.

Before explaining the island, I have to write about Collapse )

Now to the island. From how Holly has described things here, I wonder if i'll find a cave and meet some people who have been required to enter in a code every few hours. i don't think i'll get lost here thank goodness, but the jungley pines that are here sure could fool me. Pretty much everyone here drives down to the beach and around the island on golf carts. We haven't done this, but we followed a whole convoy of golf carts to the house last night from the beach. The plan is to go to said beach in a bit and check it out. My father-in-law says the beaches are wide and the surf is gentle, so I'll probably enjoy it without breaking an arm, something I did when I had a close up and personal experience with a boogie board off the outer banks of North Carolina.

Should be a fun-packed day, and I'll write about it later prvided Julian doesn't tire me out.