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more Christmas, pain, and hope

Ok, so I went home early so that I could lay down, and what am I listening to, yes, Christmas music, and it's ... wait a minute, I covered that in my last entry. The real reason why I came home was because I've rescrewed up my rig on the left side. It was painful about four weeks ago, and I thought it was all healed and good, but it still moved around a bit and panged every once in a while. I was listening to some comedy on XM this morning and I can't remember what it was about, but it was so hilarious that the sneeze that aggravated it initially and the laughter this afternoon at lunch did me in. Because of my bone condition, my ribs are not flexible in the least. So when I cough excessively, sneeze, or have a great time, my muscle and cartlidge moves and my ribs do not. This hence separates my ribs from the bone, and hurts like freakin heck. I've got pain pills from when it happened last time, so I'm thankful for that. Things I'm not thankful for:

  • I'll most likely be in pain for a few weeks

  • I have to try to smile and project my voice, even though it's going to hurt like a mofo tomorrow for my presentation

  • Holly's coming to visit tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. I want to feel good emotionally (no question of that) but I also want to be able to act as happy as I feel when she's around. We've got a packed weekend too (double date tomorrow night, meet the fam on Saturday and Sunday) so I have to try to be at my best.

  • And, it hurts to laugh. I'm a humorous person by trade. I make people laugh, and when this happens, I generally laugh too. So when I find something hilarious (this has happened a lot lately), I want to not be wracked with pain, again. This usually happens every four months or so. It hasn't happened two months in a row in a while, so this sucks too.

My final thoughts before I go and lay down.

  1. I hate the Twelve Days of Christmas. Note to self: look up why there's twelve days (Amber, is it because of Yule?). Still, I hate the song, it's so repetitive. Imagine that!
  2. Thirty minutes before offset of pain medicine is a long time when you really need it.

  3. I need thoughts, prayers, encouragement, and whatever anyone feels like they want to send me to get through at least tomorrow morning. After that, bliss, I hope. Yep, bliss!

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