Ner (djner) wrote,

Dr. Pepper, Alcohol, same difference

I'm sitting here drinking this 20 OZ Doctor Pepper I've got over here. One of the teachers at school had some left over from the concession stands at school so I bought a case of 24 20 OZ bottoes of the stuff. I have never drank so much Dr. Pepper in my life at one time, except for maybe when me and my friend Rick did the 24 hour marathon Planetarion tournament. That game's almost as addictive as Dr. Pepper. Thank god I resisted the temptation to play this round, maybe next though.

So I'm here, watching as we've got a break from severe weather at least for a short while. A large storm passed through here about 11:30, and dumped a lot of rain basically. There are tornadoes around, but they should stay south of here. It's a good day to stay inside. I'm afraid I'll have to do that rather than frolicking in the rain, though I'd love to sip mint julips outside in the mist, I'll just have to sip Dr. Pepper inside I guess.

More later for sure provided I'm caffeine sober.

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