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rainy eevening in the tea garden

I've always wanted a tea garden, a vered one with little tables where you can sit outside, sip your tea and as is the case tonight enjoy the sometimes torrential, sometimes light rain. I know 've written about this before in these pages, but rain always will calm me down, not that I was stressed before, but listening to this experimental piano ambient music also helps.

I spent the day napping with Gabby on my lap, and also dealing with Gabby as she tried to type. I've been trying to watch The Piano for the longest time, but the damn thing won't download, so alas, I've reverted to listening to calming music, darn, what a crime.

So my day has been productive as usually is my Sunday. I've ended up the evening by burning a cd and having a pretty deep converstaion with one of my friends hopefully followed by a phone call shortly. I must contemplate, think, and decide what I am to do. Not much else is going on. I'll write more later.

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