Ner (djner) wrote,

Today was most definitely not a productive day. I got up at the normal time and went to work in the normal way, but when I got there, I felt like crap. I wasn't mentally tired, but after all of the presentations and stuff, I felt physically wrung. Emily's been sick for a while with the flu, and I don't think I have it, but I still feel tired tonight. I actually went home early from work because I couldn't function very well i my tired state, so I spent the afternoon napping, and I'm stil tired now. That could be because I've written about 1200 words on my idol entry and I'm not done yet, but I think I't's mostly being caused by whatever it is that I've got. I'm not suer what it is myself, but I'm leaning more toward exhaustion than the flu. Listening to this Celtic music on XM isn't pepping me up like it used to, and this isn't good. It's also not good to write creatively while I'm tired, so I'll probably set aside my story until later. I'll definitely have it done by Friday, but I think the current iteration has some promise for being good. That being said, I should go so that I can either conjure up some more images from my past or go to bed. Going to bed seems like it could be appetizing at the moment. Warm covers sounds better than the 37 degrees that I'll have to deal with when I take Fiona outside. 28's going to suck at 8 in the morning, especially since I don't have my heavy jacket here. I wasn't planning on being here forever. Suppose that goes to show you what happens when you plan.

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