Ner (djner) wrote,

sometimes I hate selling myself but

Check this ad out and tell me if it's not a load of BS :P.

Noel Romey is currently looking for a position in the chemical plant simulation, process engineering, design, or other related chemical engineering fields within the East Tennessee area. He will obtain his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas, in December, and has spent the last six months creating detailed computer simulations of refinery and biodiesel unit ops for Process Engineering, LLC and other clients. His academic work has focussed on creating adaptive technology to allow visually impaired individuals to operate efficiently and effectively in many areas, especially in computer modelling and simulation, throughout the chemical and refinery industry. For more information, or to request a resume, please contact him via email at (redacted) or by phone at (redacted).

Hopefully it'll make it into the newsletter.
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