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If I were to drink some alcohol, would I fall asleep quicker? Probably. There, you have the prescribed alcohol portion of my journal. Beverages, the damn tea pot got moved tonight so I haven't found any tea to drink, would love to have a cup to prevent my head hitting the keyboard due to sleep deprivation. update: I found the damn tea pot, pushed back by all of our cds, which is an odd place for a teapot I would say but this is an odd place to live, the Romey household is. So, I am now drinking some cherry manilla tea which isn't my favourite. Amber "didn't dig it". Neither does my mom but we tollerate it because we're trying desperately to finish the stuff.

Let's see, the war, I guess I'm happy that it's theoretically almost over, of course who knows how much longer it'll last, but don't get me on that topic, I might explode again, thanks Dogga. And damn fox news, damn them. Damn them all to hell.

Women, another of my supposed interests. No news on the home front about that one, it's all quiet on the Ner front at the moment. I must say though, I would and should try to be a counsellor one day, I get plenty of practice listening, you got a problem, any of you, call me, I'll always be there to listen. I'll also say that MSN's getting a good work out.

And to appease the pissed off, the ones who say "all I talk about is my radio show" I'm putting it last. I had one today. It went well, except for all of my audio was too loud and I popped the mic all the time, so I'm now shopping and searching for a cheap ass mixer and microphones, one that will make me sound cool and help by increasing the compression of my ass. Kick ass I say, kick freaking ass. Man, that kicks ass that I am using ass so much since ass is such a descriptive and useful ass word. Holy ass I'm cool, herfen flurven.

What the hell, sorry guys, back to reality. I didn't do much today, insert copy and paste statement of ner's boring life here. Downloaded files, blah blah blah. I did watch The Piano, sorry dogga it's audio only, and it was weird yet good. There was plenty of nudity in it though and India and I decided that it would be disturbing at best if a porn movie were described. Chris, can you get me some movie titles so I can get this project off the ground, I heard that Viagra's sponsoring a study for sexually impotent blind dudes to ... Wait a minute, I was dreaming again, damn caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.

I watched American Experience as well on PBS. This documentary was much more tame than canibalism which will reign supreme as weirdest documentary I've ever watched. It was about a girl who was taken from Vietnam at the end of the war at age seven. She goes back there to meet her birth mother and it talks of the struggle between poverty of Vietnam and the supposed richness of American life. She is asked as is the tradition for all siblings in a Vietnameese family, to help out her siblings by providing money for them. Talk about overload, she lived in Tennessee with a very protective family, and nothing really went the way that she was expecting. I guess that just shows that not all our dreams come true in ways that we would hope, in ways that we supposed would happen.

Well, since I've covered all of my prescribed journal topics or interests that I am supposed to cover, I suppose I'll go and continue to sip my tea which is slowly getting cold btw. The night is cool I believe, I magine it is cool only from the weather reports. O how I long to go outside and immerse myself in the coolness, the breeze caressing my cheeks soaking through my body and soul. How cool! How awesome.

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