Ner (djner) wrote,

lj idol voting, weekend with Holly, and tasty enchiladas

Wanted to write before totally pass out. I need to read some entries, and vote (more on that in a bit, but man I'm tired, and I don't think I'll be able to give them enough attention. Perhaps I'll read a few. There are less on the pages than I would think because lots of people decided to use a buy week. This basically is a way that youc an say "hey, I'm not feeling like writing" or "Something's come up, so I can't write." Takes up space on the comment page, but doesn't take time to read. I think I may have about 20 to go. If you would like to vote for my therealljidol entry, click here and check my name if you'd like to see me writing again in this madness. There are others, and if you like them, by all means, vote for them too. You'll probably get sick of me asking for this every week, but just look at it this way, if you do this, you'll keep seeing stuff from me, which could be a good thing, maybe.

Holly just left about an hour ago. Our weekend was ok, but she had a headache yesterday morning and today during church. Today's was particularly bad. I tried to be supportive and loving, but I know what it's like when I get migraines, so sometimes I wondered if she wanted me to leave her alone. I don't know if I was a good nurse, but she was a good patient, and it was kind of fun (for me) to be able to help out someone in that way rather than being the patient all the time. We really like being together, and we don't see each other as much as we wish we could, so she let me try to comfort her. We didn't go to see Bea Movie because they switched the described movie from that to Lions and lambs, I think that's what it is called. We didn't want to see that, so we went to this really uge (two floors) used bookstore in Knoxville. I got two used cds, and she got like six, and we had great fun looking for obscure books and music together. Now that .. is a date ladies and gentlemen, especially when you go to Macaroni Grille and don't eat eveything that you got but still want dessert. Anyone that I can do that with is amazing. I think I'll keep her around for a while :D.

I made some amazing enchiladas with my Macayos enchilada sauce I ordered a while back. You can get it very easily in Arizona, but here in Tennessee, or in Arkansas, it's impossible to find off of the internet superhighway. Ellis came this weekend, and his fam is used to his enchiladas, so we decided to have some friendly competition. We looked at it as a way for the fam to get Ellis's enchiladas, and also a way for me to try mine out on them. Holly wasn't too sure about them as she doesn't like corn tortillas, but when she tried both of them, she decided that the ones she'd tried before must have not been as good. I was glad of this first because she was feeling well enough at the time to actually eat, and second because ... some day she might have to enjoy them with me again some day soon. Ellis conceded to me when he tasted mine. Apparently, mine turned out much like enchiladas, and his were more like enchilada caserole. I thought that both of them were good, but the whole thing made me smile, especially in the fact that I can have some confidence in my cooking. I did have some help, but cooking's more fun when you have help.

And that's about all for now. I'm sad that Holly's not here now, but I'll get to see her for Thanksgiving in three days, so it will be ok, not great but ok. Before I fall on my computer keyboard, I need to end this completely misspelled and mistyped entry and go to bed. Thanks for all of the comments over the past couple of days, I'll get to them tomorrow.
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