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Either it's the hydrocodone from the cough syrup that's spurring my writing, or it's the fact that I"m trying to get through lots of Idol entries tonight because I know I won't have the energy tomorrow to give people what they deserve in the way of votes and I'm procrastinating what I think I need to do, or it's just that I don't think I gave a well-plotted entry last time. True, I'd just gotten the news about my new niece (I'm Uncle Noel^4 now), but after not being able to complete last weeks Idol entry has me really worried that I may not be able to complete this contest without having to resign or something. I totally had a good idea for what I wanted to write about, but when semagic lost my 400 word half-entry draft, and I'd felt like crap at the time, I just didn't have the stamina to write it down. I'll probably regret it, but oh well, it's done.

On to newer and better things, If you're curious, you can find more info on Romey Grace (pictures should be forthcoming) at either the Walkley Family blogspot Blog or by viewing, watching, or adding the lj syndication feed, walkleyfamily.

Now, my thanksgiving^2 with my Holly.

I got up at 7 that Thursday and was actually the first person up. I was followed by Tyler (the boysterous ten year-old grandkid). My goal was to make two cherry pies so that the fam in Oak Ridge ould have one, and then have one that I could take to Morristown when we had Thanksgiving with Holly's family. Holly and I got pie crusts that were frozen, and already in pie tins. My goal was to pour the cherry pie filling in the tins, and then easily take the pie crusts from the remaining tins (we got two sets of two crusts), and then be done with. I didn't know the tricks of doing this, so I tried to take the crusts out of the pans with my fingers. I know now that that wasn't a good idea. I spent maybe thirty minutes reforming the crusts, rolling them out, and then cobbling them onto the top of the pies. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a high-class pie maker, because those darn pastries just freakin fall apart too easily. I got it done though, and we found that the pies were amazing, especially with a bit of cinemon and sugar sprinkled on top. Perhaps with practice, I will become a reasonably good baker, I know that there are blind dudes and dudettes that are good at it. Holly and I made some really tasty breakfast squares for ... you guessed it ... breakfast, and everyone enjoyed them. Re: my cooking, I enjoy actually cooking, and I can throw thing together and make them taste reasonable, but Holly is definitely a better person to put things together in a visually attractive fashion, duh, she's an artist.

Holly and I spent the morning together trying to stay out of the way of the mad turkey cookers and various other parts of the feast. We didn't know if we'd have time to eat with the Oak Ridge family that I'm living with, but they ended up eating about an hour before we needed to hit the road, so all was well, the food was good, and I realized how much self-control I had to use on myself because I knew that I would be eating again in no less than two hours. We were glad we could eat with the Dayleys, especially since Serena, one of the sisters, had come from Utah to visit, and it's always an entertaining time when you're hanging with her. We had turkey and ham, along with the rest of the trimmings, and all of it was good.

We drove the hour and a half or so to eat with Holly's family. At this point, I was starting to feel pretty coughish, and was hoping I was going to feel ok enough to eat and meet everyone. I didn't have to worry, as the food was too good to pass up. We had two versions of turkey (deep fat fried turkey, and cajun spiced turkey, both made my Holly's crazy uncle Jean), and I liked them both. I can't even remember all of the things we had with it, but I do remember discovering Grandma's Baked Beans (mmmmm, tasty stuff), and Holly's Mom's Mint Musketeers cheesecake. I'd never had Mint Musketeers before, but figured I'd like the cheesecake since I love Three Musketeers. I was right (note to self, get recipe from Holly's mom so I can post it here and make some more pie some day). We got some mini Mint Musketeers at a store after dinner, and mmmmm were they good. Anyway, away from food. I was able to meet many of Holly's extended family. They seemed to like me, especially Jean, who wanted to know if I could check out a recipe he had for this very strong explosive, and see if it would work so he could make some homemade claimor mines in his backyard. Good times. We were all tired as the triptifan hit the bloodstream, and I was especially tired because I spent much of the evening after dinner coughing. At this point, I started taking antibiotics I'd had given for the same thing a couple of months earlier which I didn't take (I got better before I took them), so we played some games, and then Holly dropped me off at the Anderson's house, and I socialized not, but fell directly into bed and slept the deep Niquell sleep dreamed of in storybooks around the world.

We hung out again, driving frm place to place in Morristown, eating at various places including TCBY (yes, it was November and we ate at TCBY. Mostly though, we did what I love to do most when I'm with Holly, we talked together. I haven't found many that I can have conversations so freely about so many different topics than I do with Holly. We went to Applebee's that evening and watched the end of the Arkansas LSU game. What an amazing, spectacumus, and amazing, game. I knew why it's a good thing to go for the underdog. Too bad Arkansas hasn't done better this season, I really think they are a better team than their record shows. All I can say is that I'm lucky that I'm with a girl who tolerates me as an Arkansas fan in the middle of Voluntter fan territory, especially when I'm asking her to tell me what's going on all the time because there's no sound turned onto the tvs. We had dinner with one of her friends, and headed back to Oak Ridge so that she cold leave that next morning.

After making the family french toast, I spent the morning with Holly looking up some information on the internet, and then she left.

It was at that point that I really noticed that I was sick, and I spent most of the rest of that day and the next in bad.

Holly told me to go to the doctor today, and, as usual after resisting the wise of Holly, I was glad I did. When I got to work, my ears sounded like listening to the world through water, and my navigation was seriously off. Since I depend on my ears to find walls, hallways, and other obstructions, I was, and still am running into things all the time, more than usual that is. So I called and made an appointment, and am now taking a high-test antibiotic which makes my pee smell really bad (TMI, but it's better than the antibiotic I took which made my pee turn bright orange; who knows it could be orange this time, but I don't want to ask anyone to have a look, I can just report what I observe), some prednezone for my ear infection(s), and some afformentioned cough syrup which is making this entry more difficult by the moment to write as time ticks on. I know that there are probably many typos, run-on sentences, and parenthetical fopas, but at this point, I don't care. All I care about is that I am able to record what I did over the weekend, because I know if I don't, it will pass into memorical obscurity (memorical is not a word, I just made it up).

And with that, before I fall asleep right here and now, I'm going to check a few boxes on votes, and get to bed. Then if I have time, I'll edit my votes. At least if I do that, I won't feel guilty that I haven't voted for my favorites. Later y'all, and keep it real, I'm hittin' the hay, and hoping I don't have really scary drug-induced dreams.

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