Ner (djner) wrote,

ear infections, company e, listening, and idol craziness

My right ear is especially sloshy today, and I've tried to keep warm, take my medicines, and curb my prednezone hunger. Even on my low dose, I seem to be able to eat more. At lunchtime for example, I really wanted some KFC, and I didn't think I wanted to take a cab to KFC just to pick up a $5 bucket of greasy chicken. So I had half a box of macaroni and cheese and called it a day. While I"m on this crack, I need to make sure that I at least eat healthy stuff, and not gorge mysel on grease alone.

My ear is such that I don't think I should go out and go to Institute tonight. I may change my mind, but at the moment, it's not too good. It's like I've got earplugs in my right ear. If I lay on my right side for about five minutes, it seems to slowly clear, but when I sit back up, the internal earplug is replaced. I don't think there is permanent damage, but I need to watch it.

As a consequence of all of this, I stayed home and did some emailing. My transcript is now in the hands of E company, and the next steps ar up to them. I don't know when I will have a chance to interview, but they are supposed to call me with exact dates.

Holly hasn't been doing too well, and I'm not sure if I'm helping her much, but she says I'm doing ok. I guess the best thing that one can do for a girlfriend or a friend is listen, and this is what I'm doing.

Idol entry is written. It was a bt long, but I think it was OK. Not my best, but I hope it's good enough to get me through to next week and a hopefully more sane topic. There's only 36 entries or so as of today, maybe 38, and there's only a bit less than two full days to turn it in, so I wonder how many won't do it. Writing on a current event is tough for some. I don't think my entry will attract many comments, but we shall see.

That's all, I need to take some cough syrup and lay on my right side again, yuck.

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