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I've been in more talks with E Company (I'll disclose the name once I get an offer or don't get one). I'm going in for a series of interviews on the 11th of December in a section that I think will really be good for me and will be a good fit for both myself and the company. They've talked with a person who used to work for them. It continues to be very positive, and I still feel really positive. All of these classes, all of the time I've spent trying to succeed, might actually pay off. It all seems almost deramlike, because it's the job I really wanted because of its location.

I went to work for another half day, and have been resting since I got home. My ears have cleared a bit, and I"m feeling a bit better, but still have a cough which is very annoying. I also still feel a bit weak.

Holly's birthday is tomorrow, s she's coming here, and then after a while, we're going to go up to Morristown for a choir concert and general brthday celebrations. I'm looking forward to seeing her. SOmetiems the weekends don't come quickly enough :). I'm just sorry she's got to drive so far to get me and drive again to where she lives. We want to see each other, so it's ok.

Well, that's all I can think of now. Need to get some cough syrup and get back to laying down. What an exciting and interesting time!

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