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I think I remember that an incongruity is a deviation of the norm, something that's different from what has happened in the past. It started this morning with white, not white cotton, not white clouds, but white snow. It's not supposed to snow in April, but we had light flurries today at our house as we left htis morning. Then parts of Baghdad were liberated. I don't think the war is close from being over yet though. As Saddam was being trampled on, his efigy being passed around throughout the central square in Baghdad, I think that there is a lot of reconstruction to go. Utilities have to be restored, political systems rebuilt, and rogue forces removed and/or "Eliminated" as the cen comm people say. It still puts a somewhat non human quality on the war. Though I am happy that the people of Iraq have been helped, I wonder if it was the right thing to do, was it worth the gallons of blood that were shed, I'm still undecided on that one.

The day at school has been very average, I've been continuing to listen to the Left Behind series. IT's good, yet scary. I'm missing a part which I'll have to procure from somewhere else and get placed in the special place that is cool. I hope to take home my mom's sound mixer today and hook it up so that my show will be even cooler and more easy to operate on my weekend broadcasting duties.

On the beverage front, I have no alcohol at home except for some irish cream which I might make a dessert coffee tonoight. Tea will be in order for this afgternoon, as usual.

The broad front, we have no news there, as usual. We will update you when the apocalypse comes or we have more news. Thank you for your cooperation.

Not much else is going on here, I think I'll end this entry and think about the 31 minutes we have left in school. I ordered a mixer yesterday on EBAY and then realized that the ad was wrong, basically I bid on what I thought was a newer model, and it was in fact an older one. We're still discussing what to do, but at least the dudes taht I bought it from or theoretically bought it from are willing to work with me and I'm not s.o.l. At least I don't think so.

More later maybe after tea about the events of yesterday of which were still quite boring. Peace.

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