Ner (djner) wrote,

Am I obsessing

We must find a b alliteritave for music, because that's another thing that I talk about in my journal, the music and how freaking cool it is. Today it's b-tribe, a cd I'm downloading from Steve's ftp site, the guy whose supposed to get me the dvds. I've written him again about it but I decided I couldn't take it anymore and started downloading the stuff seeing as I'm not paying for bandwidth these days. This stuff is kind of kcol, must be a Spanish dude playing to a dance beat; those who don't like techno or driving beats probably wouldn't like B-Tribe, but those who like a combination of Spanish freak show and Enigma would love it. flamenco and techno I can see going together now, wow.

I had planned to write about yesterday's nothingness in this entry. I spent much of the day sitting there, and also going on ebay to look at mixers. I picked out my mixer, and it will be very cool to have. Must wait for it and cables and microphones to come, and must order cables, microphone etc. I have to rid myself of this stupid microphone for sure it's very very sucky. I also listened to NHB Radio. They reviewed an audio porn site I haven't actually went to it though India does not believe me, but during the show so many people went to the site that it was knocked offline. Very very sad people. Plans for tonight include not much of anything interesting. I believe Survivor's on tomorrow so nothing to watch much on tv but maybe a documentary or two. I also think I might have some Irish Cream coffee, alcohol Anna? And then I might, will, talk on msn later about random and senseless stuff. More later, tea is getting cold because I'm typing so fast and not coming up for a breath to drink. Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't which would I'm surprise you how much I actually would do. Contemplate that.

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