Ner (djner) wrote,

Last night, we got Chineese food, and my fortune cookie stated that I should "embrace my feminine side". I might just convince myself t believe in the fortune cookie idea after that. In the past three weeks, I've been hanging with my family and girlfriend (yes, Holly and I made it to Arkansas safely, and we even made it through the week without having any major arguments). I'll write a more detailed description of what exactly happened, bt I think this will have to be a bit of a short entry so I can rest my elbow some. It's still been hurting, and at times,it gets swelled, but I've got a brade now which does a pretty good job of supporting it, so I'm trying to nurse it back to health, especially since I don't currently have a job and can take it easy.

About the femine thing though, when my Grandmas were here, Grandma R was crocheting, Crandma A was knitting, and so was my mom. I learned how to crochet in my freshman year of college from one of the desk workers (I saw her several times throughout my college career even though I idn't live in her dorm). I hadn't crocheted in a while, but decided to bend to peer pressre and try to actually make something. I made one thing (it's a secret still), and that's cool since it's the first thing I've ever made. So I'm working on a blanket now. It's a big project, but it's pretty relaxing to do when listening to the radio or watching news, so I enjoy doing it.

It's definitely quiet here. No crying four and five week old baby Romey (what a neat baby), no Grandmas arguing over who would do what around the house, no one here during the day. I'm waiting for comments to come back on what I have done on my thesis, and I'm waiting to hear from Eastman and any other job opportunities. I'm also writing more for Lj Idol (the writing contest in the last entry), so hopefully that will help take up some of my time. Speaking of, Voting is going on here. Search for mine or any others you like, and enjoy. "Tribes", much like survivor, keep being reshuffled and retooled, and I'm in tribe 2 now. Hoping I'll be able to continue writing for the contest. It's been really fun so far

Well, more of a detailed entry to come soon. Now though, I need some cookies, and perhaps a clementine. Did you know how tasty those things are? I'd never tasted one before, but ... there's a first for everything.

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