Ner (djner) wrote,

my elbow, the debates, the Razorbacks, and plans

My computer has been residing in "The box", a room with one window and a door that I affectionately named when I was in high school. I mention this, because my computer has been residing on the sewing machine desk, the same place where my radio was. I took the compuer off of the desk today because I went to the doctor today about my elbow, and he gave me a wrist brace. It's very hard to type with a wrist brace, on a surface that is so much higher than I am in my short chair. I've since taken off the brace so I can type this entry, and the pain that I'm feeling in my elbow isn't much better.

I originally went to the doctor today because the doctor I saw today was the one that my Dad saw for his tennis elbow last week. We thought that I would just be able to get in really quickly today, and then my Dad could go to work. We got to the north office of the ortho clinic today, and they informed me that my appointment wasn't where we were then, but in Little Rock, about twenty minutes away. It was irritating, because no one told me that the appointment was in the other clinic. I assumed, that since I'd called the north office (ten miles from where my parents are), tat they would get me into that office. so we drove the distance, and made it to my appointment about 5 minutes late (we were about 30 minutes early).

As I said, the doctor treated me as he treated my Dad and gave me a wrist brace to treat my elbow. Apparently, the muscles that control the elbow connect in a focal point at the elbow, pretty much where my elbow is hurting. So if I can immobilize the wrist, then the theory is that I can give my elbow ligaments time to heal themselves. Fixing the wrist to help the elbow seems weird, but my Dad says it seemed to help so we'll give it a chance. I continue to take antiinflamatories when needed, and they seem to help, but the elbow continues to nag for no reason. He says it could take over a year to completely heal. That's a bit of a bummer, but I'm not stranger to healing.

In other news, they preempted the Republican/Democratic debates on ABC on Saturday. Yes, that's right, something here in Arkansas is more important than politics. Turns out that they moved the debates to the local independent/CW channel here, and ABC carried ... the Razorbacks basketball game. I was able to watch most of the two debates, and pollish it all off with the final two minutes of the game, so I was glad of that. I was also happy that the hogs in red beat Bailor (spelled correctly?); it definitely wasn't expected.

Not much else planned today. Must do some more writing on my thesis, and also write another Idol entry. I must also schedule a nap for today, something I will not have the luxury of doing later on in my work life.

No news of a job yet, but I hope to find out some day soon.

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