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Bad me ... I haven't written in a while.Yesterday I spent most of the day hanging around doing nothing much but trying to recover from my previous day's late night trying to fix the network and router. Somehow, I screwed up the router firmware, making the internet completely unreachable. Pair that with the fact that there's something really weird going on with our cable internet service, and you get a real mess. My main job, when I'm here (and sometimes when I'm not), is to fix the network. It's fixed now, but it took me several hours the day before yesterday and part of yesterday early.

I went into the bathroom yesterday afternoon to find Gabby the cat curled up sleeping ... in the sink. I knew it was a bit odd when I heard a meow as I was finishing in the bathroom. She must have been comfortable, because when I reached over to her to pet her, not only was the cat warm, but the sink was too. I left the throne room, meows pleading me to keep petting her. Apparently, she was more interested in the sink because she slept there for most of the day. Weirdo.

I took the Jeopardy online contestant test yesterday. I was able to read everything on the screen and answer (or at least try to answer) the questions. I was really worried that I wasn't going to be able to use their interface because the tutorial suggested that blind people have someone read the questions. They said that the screen reading programs might not be able to read questions fast enough. Apparently, I have my screen reader going fast enough because I felt like I had ample time to answer the questions that I knew. I think I probably got about half of them right give or take. They don't give you your scores--they don't even tell you what you need to make to be considered--so they just tell you that there are limited numbers of audition spots, so they tell you to wait for a contact from them. If I were participitating in totay's Jeopardy game, I think I would have done ok. Of course, that could change being in front of the cameras and buzzer. Playing on Jeopardy has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so there's part of me that hopes I make it to audition, but there's also a part of me that doubts that I'm good enough, that I know enough random knowledge to succeed. I think that I'd definitely have to work on my general knowledge before auditioning. We shall see. At least, taking the test was fun.

It's cold outside, and I'm thankful that I'm sitting in front of the fire away from the confused weather. At the moment, it's just raining, but it can't decide whether or not it wil sleet, snow, rain, or even thunder. I don't think we'll pick up anything here in Central Arkansas, but one can wish for excitement in the way of weather.

I've been reading a podcast novel series today thanks to the indirect recommendation of ladyosma. I had read EarthCore by Scott Sigler a long time ago, when podiobooks were just starting out, but stopped reading them after that for some odd reason. So when I looked them up last night, I was absolutely amazed at how much they'd exploded since I'd last looked. So I'm really enjoying The Seventh Son Series so far. At least it's more exciting to read it than listening to NPR and BBC (my usual afternoon activity--I usually fall asleep in front of the radio)... not that listening to the radio is boring but reading is better, if you ask me.

Not much else is going on except for the fact that I need to work on my idol entry this afternoon. More soon.

And I just found a cheap, very cheap ticket, to Knoxville for this weekend. So maybe I'll go to Knoxville to see Holly this weekend. I love spontaneity, especially when it's relatively cheap. Off to find details on this.
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