Ner (djner) wrote,

they're out to get you, you hacker you!

I've had to reboot my computer several times, because of JAWS I think (maybe) since I got this computer. Something happens which causes keys to stick or causes the computer to ding, and ding, and ding. Only way I can fix it is to reboot the computer. It could be a problem with my keyboard, I don't know. So I did what spyware, and Windows Defender apparently, doesn't like, and I downloaded a keylogger. Yes, it's true, don't mess with my computer because every key that you, or I, press right now, is being logged and categorized. It was hard to find a keylogger which was simple enough for what I wanted--most of the loggers capture emails, myspace pages, etc. (for those who would like to capture everything they might do on your computer--but I was able to find one that just logged keys. I guess I'm a weird user ... I didn't want stealtt, I didn't want screenshots, I just wanted keys logged. Hopefully this will allow me to figure out what key is sticking so that I can figure out why I have to reboot my stupid computer every time I get to working on something reasonable. I wish I could say that I'm paranoid, and that they're out to get me, but no ... they're not (probably). Off to write a keylogged idol entry.

I got an airline ticket to leave tomorrow. More about that after I finish this entry. In short, what a weird experience. I am SO EXCITED!

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