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welcome home

Wow, what a trip.

I'm not going to write much because I have little energy. But yes, it's true, I was</bz> supposed to be back on Monday. It's also true that I didn't have internet the whole time I was gone. And yes, it's true. Because I missed my flight on Monday, had the flight cancelled due to tornadoes in Memphis, and flew today, I didn't find out until tonight's internet enlightenment that my cog in the great machine has been removed. I would be much less disappointed had I not lost by one vote in a run-off that I could have at least tried to mitigate by voting for ... yep you got it ... myself. Heck, I did well. I went farther than I thought I would have ever gone. But one vote? What a welcome present eh?

All of these delays and this disappointment tonight were all worth it though. I got to see Holly. Hey, at least we got to spend two extra full days together due to the delays. Those days made it that much harder to say goodbye today when we finally figured out that I would most likely be making it back to Little Rock. I miss her so much, and can't wait to get back there very soon.

That's all.
*goes back to crying in his root beer. mmmmmmm, root beer.
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